• 1 .Can we book by phone ?

    YES, you can book by phone. In July and August, we’ll ask you to make the paiement by phone.

  • 2 .Can we take pictures during the tour ?

    YES, Maxange is one of the few caves where photographs are possible. Note that you will need to take them WITHOUT FLASH. As for movies, they are not allowed inside.

  • 3 .Are the caves easy to access ?

    YES, the visits have no difficulty (no stairs) and are easily accessible. But ask for more at the reception depending on your difficulty.

  • 4 .Are dogs allowed inside ?

    Pets are accepted only if they are carried by hand or in a basket. No animals are allowed on the ground in the cave.

  • 5 .What the temperature inside ?

    It is 13 degrees Celsius (55°F). Remember to take a little something to cover well the youngest.

  • 6 .How long does the tour last ?

    The tour lasts abut 40 minutes.

  • 7 .Can we visit the tour on our own ?

    NO, the tours are leaded by a guide who will explain the underground environment and answer your questions.

  • 8 .Can we take a stroller or a baby carrier in the cave?

    No, strollers and baby carriers with metal reinforcement are not allowed in the cave. We can nevertheless keep them at the reception.

  • 9 .Can I take my baby to the cave?

    YES, the youngest child we have had so far was 15 short days old. Just think of covering it well.

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